Cuong is the lead artist at Amour Tattoo after obtaining ownership this past year. Throughout his years tattooing, Cuong has became very well known throughout the community for his unique ability to perform many different types of tattoos. Clients come from all across the U.S. and even a few from abroad, just to have him tattoo them. He is very happy with the support from the community and is currently in the early stages of preparing to open a second location to provide excellence in tattooing to more people in the area. Although his calendar is very booked, he always seems to find a way to fit clients in whenever he can.

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Our Process

  • Idea

    Whether it’s your design, a photo, or need us to create the design for you, we can do it all. We’ll try our very best to understand your desires and run with the idea as you’d like.

  • Plan

    Once we have your tattoo idea, we will plan it out and create the stencil. Normally this is where we request patience as we want the design to truly be as perfect as possible.

  • Delivery

    Once we create our stencil, we will apply it to your skin and ensure you approve of it. From here, we will tattoo the line work followed by shading to completion. The time in this step varies depending on detail and the clients tolerance level.

  • Finished Product

    The final step is providing you with detail after-care instructions to make sure the tattoo heals properly. We will also take some photos – if okay – and request to hear some feedback from you regarding your experience.