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Cuong Fine Line, Custom Portraits & Cover-Up Tattoos

Cuong is the lead artist at Amour Tattoo after obtaining ownership this past year. Throughout his years tattooing, Cuong has became very well known throughout the community for his unique ability to perform many different types of tattoos. Clients come from all across the U.S. and even a few from abroad, just to have him tattoo them. He is very happy with the support from the community and is currently in the early stages of preparing to open a second location to provide excellence in tattooing to more people in the area. Although his calendar is very booked, he always seems to find a way to fit clients in whenever he can.

Cuong Amour Tattoo Inc.

Cuong's Services

Cuong offers a wide variety of professional tattoo services. He has provided clients with custom artwork, detailed fine line pieces, and robust cover-up tattoos. He has numerous specialties and is ready to assist you in your tattoo journey.


Tribal Tattoos

Cover-Up Tattoos

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Fine Line Tattoos

Unique Artwork

Custom Tattoos by Cuong

Tattoos are our passion. Cuong has been tattooing clients in his shop here for many years. He loves to really push the envelope with difficult and unique artwork. Whether you’re looking to get a smaller tattoo or a complete sleeve, Cuong is ready to tackle your project. Here’s some recent work by Cuong to take a look at!

Beautiful Results

Custom Tattoos by Cuong

There are many options when it comes to choosing your tattoo artist and we want to ensure you receive the highest quality service on the market. Cuong is extremely talented and ready to take your tattoo idea head first. Interested in scheduling a free consult? Contact Cuong today!

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